Faculty Research Cost Support Awards Program 2018-19


Announcement of RFP: October 16, 2018 Deadline: December 13, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Email John Cuppoletti at john.cuppoletti@uc.edu with questions.



PURPOSE: URC cost support awards are meant as pilot grants to leverage additional extramural funding in the STEM areas1 and as grants to interpret and enhance disciplinary knowledge in areas where extramural funds are not generally available.

1STEM areas include Chemistry, Computer and Information Technology Science, Engineering, Geosciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Social Sciences, Physics and Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences.


ELIGIBILITY:  All faculty, not just AAUP-represented faculty, at the University of Cincinnati (including adjunct faculty and faculty at UC’s affiliates: CCHMC, VA and Shriners) who have at least an 80% FTE appointment are eligible.  Visiting faculty are not eligible. Faculty who previously received extramural research support over $50,000 per year (direct costs) are not eligible for funding. URC awardees must be willing to serve on two of the URC faculty awards or student/faculty collaboration awards review committees, based on needs, for a period of 3 years following the year of the award.


APPLY:  The process for applying for a grant is electronic.  Use the Word template provided below to create a single Word document following the proposal guidelines.  Once your application is finalized, save the document, and then click on the Apply Now link at the bottom of this page.  An electronic submission form will display.  Complete the form and upload your application file where indicated on the form.  You will receive an immediate confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted.


DEFINITION OF RESEARCH:  Research includes not only intellectual activity designed to expand knowledge and understanding of people and their environment but also activities in the creative and performing arts aimed at interpreting and enhancing that environment. Scholarship that advances the professor’s discipline knowledge will be considered.


FUNDING PRIORITIES: Proposals will be evaluated primarily based on the scholarly and creative merit of the proposed activities, the innovativeness, and the capabilities of the principal investigator.  Secondary criteria that will be considered include:

·         Use of funds as "seed money" for collection of preliminary data or to demonstrate feasibility, thereby bolstering prospects for future support from external sponsors.


·         In non-STEM areas, activities aimed at interpreting and enhancing that environment. Scholarship that advances the professor’s discipline knowledge will be considered.


·         Career stage of the Principal Investigator.  (Preference will be given to junior faculty members in their efforts to become established in their research discipline, or for others who wish to enter new areas of investigation.)


·         Innovativeness.


·         Efforts to obtain funds from other (intramural or extramural) sources, or the unavailability of any alternative sources of support.


AWARDS:  Awards are limited to $7,500 in research support.  


Note: Incomplete proposals or proposals that do not meet the submission guidelines will not be reviewed or considered for funding.


 ·         Any publications resulting from this research effort should acknowledge URC support.


·         Funding is available for projects for one year.  Extensions may be granted if appropriately justified in writing to the URC administrator.


·         Allowable costs will typically be those associated with successful completion of a research or scholarly project, and may include equipment, supplies, research assistant salaries or services.  The URC does not fund faculty salary support for the academic year.  Travel to meetings or conferences is not supported.  Travel that is essential to successful completion of the aims of the project is permitted.  Publication costs (e.g., charges associated with reproduction of materials or obtaining copyrights) are allowable.


DEADLINE:  Thursday, December 13, 2018 by 5:00 p.m.


QUESTIONS:  Email John Cuppoletti at john.cuppoletti@uc.edu with questions.


Submit as One File

Biographical sketch (not to exceed 4 pages), listing of research support, proposal, budget breakdown and justification, and any accompanying documents must be submitted online as one Word or PDF document.  Only one application to either the URC Faculty Research Cost Support Awards program or the other URC programs are allowed.

 Application Must Include


1. Biographical Sketch (not to exceed 4 pages): Include name, educational background, employment history, awards and honors, and publications (last five years and earlier, representative papers).  A NIH biosketch that includes this information may be substituted.


2. Listing of Research Support (past, current and pending): List all past, current and pending research support from internal and external sources of funding.  Limit your listing of support to the past five years.  For each grant or contract, include title of project, funding agency, direct costs, and funding period.  For current or pending awards, describe the scientific and budgetary overlap with the URC proposal.  Start-up funding1 for new faculty must be included.  Successful applicants are expected to present records of prior activity that indicate a devotion to scholarship and the potential for high quality achievement. Faculty with research support over $50,000 per year (direct costs) are not eligible for funding. F. Faculty who received an award more than 5 years ago and wish to pursue a new area of research are eligible.

1Start Up funding is typically defined as funding provided when a faculty member begins a career at UC, and often includes furniture, equipment, office / lab remodeling costs, personal computers, etc. that NIH and NSF typically exclude from their list of eligible items for award (and therefore cannot be bought using those funds). It is also typically NON-contingent and non-competitive meaning you don't have to apply and compete with others for it. URC funding is NOT start-up funding.


3. Proposal:  Write the proposal such that a panel of reviewers with diverse backgrounds can clearly understand the project. The proposal must not exceed five (5) single-spaced typewritten pages (12 pt. font minimum) including tables and illustrations.  A minimum of one-inch margins is required. References are not included in the five-page limit.  Divide the proposal into the following sections:

·         Significance (Include statement on why scholarship/creative work would have a major impact on interpreting and enhancing that environment.)

·         Background

·         Preliminary Data (if any)

·         Likelihood of Future External Funding

·         Experimental Design and/or Methods

·         Timeline

·         Innovation (The innovativeness of the proposed research is a primary funding priority.)

·         New Area of Research (explain why this is a new area of research for you.)

·         Source of Funds to Continue Research

·         How Award Advances Career

·         Appendices (optional). Please do not include appendices except to document collaborative arrangements and equipment sharing.


NOTE:  Applications that do not follow these guidelines will NOT be considered.


4. Budget and Budget Justification:  Complete your budget using the following template.  Also indicate how each budgeted item relates to the research project.




Technical Assistance


Clerical Assistance


Fringe Benefits


Materials & Supplies


Equipment (specify below)








5. Human Subjects and Animal Research:  If human subjects and/or animals will be used in the proposed research project, please document that the IRB or IACUC protocol is submitted or approved. If approved, please include a copy of the approval letter.  A proposal will not be considered for funding without documentation that a protocol has been submitted for review or approved by the IRB and/or the IACUC.

Include these questions and answers in your application using the following template.


Are human subjects involved in this research project?    Yes: ________   No: ________


If yes, please provide the protocol number ______________ to indicate that a protocol has been submitted or approved.


Are animals involved in this research project?    Yes: ________   No: ________


If yes, please provide the protocol number ______________ to indicate that a protocol has been submitted or approved.



6. Revised Application: If submitting a revised application, a one-page revision response may be included in the document in addition to the five-page application.