Rakesh Govind

Research Support

Grant: #PEG008UC, PTS WA 0-13 Investigators:Govind, Rakesh; Suidan, Makram 07/10/2006 -09/29/2007 Environmental Protection Agency Berkely Pit Chemical Synthesis and Materials Production Role:PI $59,957.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #OSP 00180 Investigators:Govind, Rakesh 06/01/1994 -06/30/2003 Research Consortium Biological Conversion of Sulfur Oxides and Nitrogen Oxide Present in Stack Gases Using an Entrained Pellet Process Role:PI $255,074.00 Closed Level:Industry

Grant: #Pegasus 4-83, Task 7 sub EPA PEG-UC-16-001 Investigators:Govind, Rakesh; Sorial, George 09/30/2019 -09/29/2020 Environmental Protection Agency WA 4-83, Task 7, Removal and Treatment of PFAS Using Highly Innovative, Efficient and Cost-effective Technologies and Resource Recovery from Wastewater  Role:PI $41,904.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Other Publications

Goncalves JJ, Govind, R. (2009).  Enhanced biofiltration using cell attachment promoters.  Environmental Science & Technology, 43, 1049-1054

Gonalves JJ, Govind, R.  (2009).  Analysis of biofilters using synthetic macroporous foam media.  AWMA Journal, 59, 834-844

Goncalves JJ, Govind, R.  (2009).  Rapid evaluation of biofilm attachment promoters and biofilm growth orientation using a micro-impedimetric device.  Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. , 143, 341-348

Govind, R, Ferguson, D.  (2009).  Reducing generation of biogenic hydrogen sulfide in sugar wastewaters.  International Sugar Journal, 111(1325), 278-284

Goncalves JJ, Govind, R. (2008).  H2S abatement in a bioreactor packed with iron (III) foam media.  Chemosphere, 73, 1478-1483

Anim-Mensah, A.R., Krantz, W.B., Govind, R.  (2008).  Studies on polymeric nanofiltration-based water softening and the effect of anion properties on the softening process.  European Polymer Journal , 44(7), 2244-2252

Roe, A., Govind, R.  (2008).  Biofiltration for waste gas – Employing Nature’s way for cleaner air.  Chemical Industry Digest , 104-108

Fang, Y., Govind, R.  (2007).  A convective flow biofilter for the biofiltration of contaminants at sub-low concentrations.  Remediation, 95-107

Govind, R.  (2007).  The science of smell.  Water and Wastewater News , 24-28

Narayan, S., Govind, R.  (2005).  Selection of bioreactor media for odor control.  Biotechnology for Odor and Air Pollution Control , 65-99

Honors and Awards

American Society of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) 

Air, Waste Management Association (AWMA) 

Water Environment Federation (WEF) 

2002 Scientists Helping America 

1992 -1994 Earth Day Award, Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company 

1994 Invited Keynote Speaker at International Conference on Membrane Reactors Lyon, France 

1992 Alfred Bodine Award, Society of Manufacturing Engineers 


(ABET College Committee) Member 2004-to Present 

(Curriculum Committee) Member 2008-to Present 

(Curriculum Committee) Member 1998-to Present 

(Chemical Engineering Dept.) Director 2008-to Present 

Positions and Work Experience

1988 to Present  Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering Department, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 

1984 - 1988  Associate Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering Department, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 

1979 - 1984  Assistant Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering Department, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 

1979 - 1979  Senior Scientist, Polaroid Corporation, Boston, MA 

1978 - 1979  Director, Industrial Control and Process Safety Center (ICAPS), Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh, PA 

1996 to Present  President, PRD Tech, Inc. is a “C” Corporation that specializes in providing turn-key odor treatment solutions to municipalities and industries. PRD Tech, Inc. also designs, builds, and supplies biotreatment systems for treating emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from various industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical, wood products, etc., PRD Tech, Inc. , 

1979 to Present  Consultant to British Petroleum, Most of the consulting assignments have been in the area of odor treatment, odor dispersion and modeling, biotreatment of contaminants and landfills., SOHIO, Procter and Gamble, City of Oregon, Ohio, etc. , 


Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA, 1978 (Chemical Engineering)

M.S., Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA, 1977 (Chemical Engineering)

BTech, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, 1974 

Faculty Development Activities

1996 President PRD Tech, Inc.  

2005 Partner LCP Tech, Inc.  

Patents and Inventions

0181444 A1 Nitric oxide sensor Bernstein, J., Govind, R. , 2007

7,279,103 B2Process for the purification of acidic metal-bearing waste waters to permissible discharge levels with recovery of marketable metal products Burckle, J., Govind, R., Kawahara, F., Scharp, R., Tabak, H. , 2007

7,125,499 B2Liquid crystal polymer technology chemicals and applications Ferguson, D., Govind, R., 2006

6,737,041 B1Non-ozone depleting vapocoolants Hussain, A.S., Govind, R. , 2004

5,690,109Method of destructive noninvasive hyperpyrexia of tissues and organisms utilizing nuclear magnetic resonance Govind, R., Loomis, R.G. , 1997

4,713,091Adsorption of gases by amine and phosphine complexed Mn(II) and compounds Govind, R. , 1987

4,668,255Adsorption of gases by amine complexed Mn(II) Govind, R. , 1987

4,681,661Dual distillation columns Govind, R. , 1987

4,615,770Distillation column and process Govind, R. , 1986

Contact Information

University of Cincinnati
1776 Mentor Avenue; Suite 400A
Ohio, 45212
Phone: (513) 673 3583