Junhang Dong

Professional Summary

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Research Support

Grant: #D-17-13 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 04/01/2017 -03/31/2019 Ohio Coal Development Office Integrating H2-Perm-selective WGS Membrane Reactor with CO2 membrane Separator For Efficient Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture Role:PI $249,999.00 Awarded Level:State of Ohio

Grant: #OER-CDO-D-15-16 Investigators:Dong, Junhang; Smirniotis, Peter Panagiotis 03/16/2016 -04/30/2018 Ohio Coal Development Office Integrating H2-Perm-selective WGS Membrane Reactor with CO2 membrane Separator For Efficient Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture Role:PI $250,000.00 Awarded Level:State of Ohio

Grant: #ASU 16-866 sub / DE-FE0026435 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 10/01/2015 -09/30/2018 Department of Energy Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Role:PI $339,002.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #Bettergy SBIR _ NSF IIP-1430552 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 10/01/2014 -09/30/2016 National Science Foundation Novel Zeolite Membrane for Olefin/Pariffin Seperation Role:PI $30,183.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #DE-FE0022993 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 07/01/2014 -06/30/2017 Department of Energy Robust Metal-Ceramic Coaxial Cable Sensors for Distributed Temperature Monitoring in Fossil Energy Power Systems Role:PI $541,288.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #00042083-02 / DE-FE0012272 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 10/01/2013 -09/30/2016 Department of Energy Smart Liner Block with Embedded Sensors for In Situ Multi-Parameter Monitoring (Tentative) Role:PI $98,294.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #SBIR Phase II / NSF 1329730 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 09/15/2013 -08/31/2015 National Science Foundation ION GATE MEMBRANE FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE REDOX FLOW BATTERIES Role:PI $99,784.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #D-13-28 Investigators:Dong, Junhang; Smirniotis, Peter Panagiotis 07/19/2013 -07/31/2015 Ohio Department of Development High Efficiency Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture Membrane Reactor during Gasification of Ohio Coals Role:Collaborator $250,000.00 Awarded Level:State of Ohio

Grant: #CBET 1263860 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 03/01/2013 -02/29/2016 National Science Foundation COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Zeolite Thin Films as Efficient and Robust Ion Exchange Membranes in Redox Flow Batteries for Renewable Energy Storage Role:PI $240,000.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #1313064 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 01/08/2013 -09/30/2013 Department of Energy Study on MOF Material Properties for CO2 Separation Role:PI $50,000.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #SRS 008390 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 01/01/2013 -06/30/2013 National Science Foundation Nano-Materials Preparation, Characterization, and Data Analysis Role:PI $19,992.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #SRS 007878 \ Prime IIP-1142695 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 01/01/2012 -10/31/2012 National Science Foundation Zeolite Thin Films as Novel High Efficiency Electrolyte Membranes for Red-Ox Flow Batteries Role:PI $35,000.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #DE-SC0006179 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 06/17/2011 -08/07/2013 Department of Energy Test of Inorganic Membranes for H2 Separation Role:PI $46,000.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #W911NF-11-C-0035 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 11/05/2010 -08/05/2013 Department of the Army Research, Development and Engineering Command A Novel Oxygen Separation and Storage Apparatus for Underwater and High Altitude Fuel Cell Applications (Phase II) Role:PI $224,808.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #00031041-01 / W911NF-10-2-0077 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 08/04/2010 -07/31/2013 Department of the Army Research Laboratory Development of Zeolite Materials for Fiber Optical Sensors for Distributed Explosive Detection Role:PI $99,961.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #C34-N Investigators:Dong, Junhang 08/01/2010 -12/31/2012 Ohio Air Quality Development Authority Ultrathin Hydrophobic Zeolite Membranes for Efficient Oxygen Separation From Air Role:PI $160,000.00 Closed Level:State of Ohio

Grant: #C-C21-C Investigators:Dong, Junhang 08/01/2010 -12/31/2011 Ohio Air Quality Development Authority High Temperature WGS Membrane Reactors for Production of Hydrogen from Ohio Coals Role:PI $80,000.00 Closed Level:State of Ohio

Grant: #00026229-01-U / DE-FE0001127 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 10/01/2009 -09/30/2013 Department of Energy Micro-Structured Sapphire Fiber Sensors for Simultaneous Measurements of High Temperature and Dynamic Gas Pressure in Harsh Environments Role:PI $231,173.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #CBET-0854203 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 09/01/2009 -08/31/2014 National Science Foundation Study of Molecular Diffusion in Zeolites by Time Resolved Microscopic Laser Refractometry Role:PI $301,786.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #DE-NT0008062 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 04/01/2009 -09/30/2012 Department of Energy Development Of Novel Ceramic Nanofilm-Fiber Integrated Optical Sensors For Rapid Detection Of Coal Derived Synthesis Gas Role:PI $299,914.65 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #000221-1 / W911NF-07-0062 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 09/15/2008 -12/31/2009 Department of the Army Networked Zeolite-Capacitive Sensors for Distributed and Ubiquitous Detection of Chemical/Biological Threats Role:PI $50,000.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #OCRC AY08-09-A2-C Investigators:Dong, Junhang; Smirniotis, Peter Panagiotis 08/01/2008 -09/30/2010 Ohio Department of Development High Temperature Water Gas Shift Membrane Reactors for Production of Hydrogen from Ohio Coals Role:PI $159,982.00 Closed Level:State of Ohio

Grant: #ARO 54778 / W911NF-08-C-0104 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 07/18/2008 -03/31/2009 Department of the Army A Novel Oxygen Separation and Storage Apparatus for Underwater and High Altitude Fuel Cell Applications Role:PI $30,000.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #Sandia Doc 778452 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 02/07/2008 -09/30/2008 Department of Energy Exploratory Research: Development of Novel Catalytic Membranes for Biomass-Derived Liquids to Hydrogen and Simultaneous Capture of C02 Role:PI $20,000.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #DE-FC-05NT42439 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 07/01/2006 -12/31/2011 Department of Energy Development of Nanocrystalline Doped-Ceramic Enabled Optical Fiber Sensors for High Temperature In-Situ Monitoring of Fossil Fuel Gases Role:PI $354,178.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #Bettergy 010669-002 / DE-SC0018853 SBIR Phase I Investigators:Dong, Junhang 07/02/2018 -04/01/2019 Department of Energy Integrated Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Pre-combustion Carbon Capture Role:PI $40,379.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #Bettergy sub DE-SC0019662 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 02/19/2019 -11/18/2019 Department of Energy A Low Cost Ion Selective Membrane for Redox Flow Batteries Role:PI $40,499.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #Bettergy sub DOE Investigators:Dong, Junhang 06/01/2019 -02/28/2020 Department of Energy Novel Membrane System for Lithium Recovery from Brines Role:PI $79,993.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #CBET 1935205 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 10/01/2019 -09/30/2022 National Science Foundation 2-D Zeolite Nanosheet Laminated Ion Separators for Approaching Ideal Performance in Redox Flow Batteries Role:PI $305,460.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #2164-219-2023554_DE-FE0031765 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 10/01/2019 -09/30/2022 Department of Energy Test and Validate Distributed Coaxial Cable Sensors for in situ Condition Monitoring of Coal-Fired Boiler Tubes  Role:PI $98,294.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #DE-SC0021479 Investigators:Dong, Junhang 02/22/2021 -02/21/2022 Department of Energy A Highly Sensitive Real-time Subsurface Sensor for CO2 Leakage Monitoring Role:PI 34390.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

A. Sankar, I. Michos, I. Dutta, J. Dong, A.P. Angelopoulos (2018).  Electrostatic Assembly of Stacked Graphene Nanoplatelets as Electrodes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries.  J. Power Sources, 387, 91-100

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S. Zeng, A. Trontz, Z. Cao, H. Xiao, J. Dong (2018).  Characterizing the gas adsorption-dependent dielectric constant for silicalite nanoparticles at microwave frequencies by a coaxial cable Fabry-Pérot interferometric sensing method.  Madridge J. Nanotechn. Nanosci., 3(1), 100-107

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Other Publications

J. Dong, L. Li, T.M. Nenoff (2008).  Modification of Intercrystalline Pores in MFI Zeolite Membranes by Deposition of Ionic Oligomers for Enhancing Ion Rejection in Reverse Osmosis.  Desalination Research Progress

T.M. Nenoff and J. Dong (2008).  Highly Selective Zeolite Membranes,” in “Ordered Porous Solids: Recent Advances and Prospects. 

Positions and Work Experience

2012 to Present  Professor, Chemical Engineering/CEAS, University of Cincinnati, OH 

2006 - 2012  Associate professor , Dept. of Chemical & Materials Eng., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 

2005 - 2006  Associate Professor , Dept. of Petro. & Chem. Eng., New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, New Mexico 

2001 - 2005  Assistant Professor , Dept. of Petro. & Chem. Eng., New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, New Mexico 

1998 - 2001  Postdoctoral Research Associate , Chemical Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee  

1997 - 1998  Postdoctoral Fellow , Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 

1995 - 1997  Lecturer/Associate Professor , Department of Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology, Nanjing, China 

1988 - 1990  Process Development Engineer , Hangzhou Fuyang Industrial Corp., Zhejing, China 


Ph.D., Nanjing University of Technology China, 1995 (Chemical Engineering)

B.S., Zhejiang University of Technology China, 1988 (Chemical Engineering)

Research and Practice Interests

Syntheses and characterizations of novel microporous inorganic membranes and inorganic/polymer composite membranes; applications of membranes for gas separations, membrane reactors, brine desalinations, and flow battery ion separators; understanding of membrane performance-structure relationships; and new materials for optical and microwave chemical and physical sensors. 

Patents and Inventions

9,911,985Inorganic Microporous Ion Exchange Membranes for Redox Flow Batteries J. Dong, Z. Xu, L. Li, R. Yang, 2018

6,495,617Methods to Control Phase Inversions and Enhance Mass Transfer in Liquid-Liquid Dispersions C. Tsouris and J. Dong, 2002

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College of Engineering and Applied Science
Ohio, 45221-0012
Phone: (513) 556-3992
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