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Compliance Courses
Compliance Training
LAMS Veterinary Staff Training
Animal Acquisitions
Animal Research
Blood-Borne Pathogens Training
Biosafety Compliance Training
Conflict of Interest - Required OAR Training
COM Industry Relationships
NIH FCOI Tutorial Expired 07/24/13
Grant Submissions - SRS
HIPAA Compliance Training
Human Subjects Research Compliance Training
IACUC Training & Verification
LAMS SOPs & Forms
Radiation Safety Training
Irradiator Radiation Safety & Security
UCIT Office of Information Security
UCP HIPAA Compliance Training - Not On-line
UCP HIPAA Compliance Training - OnLine
UCP Infection Control
UCP Other Compliance Training
Competency Testing
Biomed Research HRP Knowledge - expired 10/13/08
Clinical Research Orientation - IRB Roles and Responsibilities - Expired
Clinical Research Orientation - Session 1 - Expired
Clinical Research Orientation - Session 2 - Expired
Clinical Research Orientation - Session 3 - Expired
Clinical Research Orientation - Submissions to the IRB - Expired
Grant Submissions Competency Exam
Human Subjects Research Compliance Quizzes
Key Instit Officials Record - expired 10/13/08
IRB-M Mem & Staff HRP Knowledge - expired 10/13/08
IRB-SBR Mem & Staff HRP Knwldge - expired 10/13/08
HRP Policies/Procedures Knowledge - Expired
Ready, Set, Go! Workshop Series - expired 8/3/12
Soc & Behav Res HRP Knowledge - expired 10/13/08
SRS Fundamentals of Sponsored Program Admin
News and Information
From the Molecule to the Bedside - Non Credit
Internal Medicine Fellows' Core Conferences
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds - Non Credit
Psychiatry Grand Rounds - Non Credit