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Application Deadlines:

Cover Sheet

Current FY deadlines can be found here. Information on Taft-eligibility can be found here.

summer research fellowships
Taft Summer Research Fellowships are available on a competitive basis for research on a specific project during any semester of leave without pay or any non-teaching semester without pay. For most faculty, research grant applications will be for the summer term. The current fellowship is an $8,000*, full-semester award. In addition, the applicant may receive a supplement for research expenses based on availability of funds ($1,500 maximum). The supplement may not be used for travel to academic meetings. Awardees are encouraged to use this opportunity to seek external funding for their research. Not more than one summer research fellowship may be awarded in any 24-month period.

The Committee will consider awards in two pools. The first will be only for untenured junior faculty in tenure-track positions who have never been awarded and/or used a Taft Research Grant, hereby denoted the set-aside pool. The second is for all full-time Taft faculty, regardless of rank, hereby denoted the open pool.

The set-aside pool will provide up to 25% of available funds. In all cases, if an eligible faculty member does not receive an award from the set-aside pool, the faculty member will still be considered for an award from the open pool. The open pool will include at least 75% of the available funds. Tenure-track faculty at any rank are encouraged to apply.

*Note: Payment is processed through payroll and subject to standard withholdings (taxes and fringe benefits). The actual pay amount is approximately 50% of the original award.


Applications must be completed by 5 PM on regularly scheduled deadlines; this includes electronic submission through the Taft Research Center website and departmental review. The application packet should contain the following:

  • Coversheet (downloaded from website);
  • Proposal of 800 to 1200 words that outlines the project in detail, including but not limited to the focus, theoretical framework, methods and sources, preliminary results, the significance of the project to your discipline, and the significance of the project to your professional development. This language should address a multi-disciplinary review committee and enable them to evaluate the merit of your proposal;
  • Two page curriculum vitae that has been updated within the past month;
  • A letter of support from the applicant's department head or supervisor assessing the merits of the proposed project and the prospects for completion within the schedule outlines. The letter should detail the specific release agreement between head and applicant for the Taft fellowship semester if it occurs outside of a non-paid summer. This letter should be uploaded through the researcher’s gateway once the application has been submitted and the department head has been notified by the system. Notification will be for application approval and the letter should be uploaded prior to clicking "approve".
  • A brief budget outline with explanation of costs, if research supplement is requested.

For detailed instructions on submitting your application, please click Application Instructions. Note: the system only allows you to upload a single PDF document.

For instructions on how to create a PDF, please click: How to Create a PDF.

** NOTE:
while the system currently asks for two reviewers and corresponding email addresses, this is an artifact of the template from Center Fellows. Your department’s head should provide the only required letters of support. In order to complete this section, you should enter a “dummy” name and address. For example “J. Doe,".

criteria for selection

  • The quality of the specific research project and proposal is given the highest priority.
  • Evidence that the applicant will successfully complete the project in the time frame proposed along with the applicant's scholarly promise and achievements to date.
  • Evidence of the applicant's willingness to seek non-Taft funding and/or travel expenses for this research project.

terms of the grant
  • A faculty member may not teach during the period of award.
  • All grant funds must be expended exclusively in furtherance of the grant and all expenditures of grant funds must comply with university policies relating to financial transactions, including the Code of Conduct and, as discussed in the Code of Conduct, the ethics laws of the state of Ohio which prohibit certain private financial interests in university matters. (University Rule 3361:10-17-03(D);
  • Full disclosure of non-Taft funds received, both inside and outside the university, is required. The Taft grant may not duplicate other funds granted for the same purpose, except when a deficit in the project budget is anticipated even with such non-Taft funds. For example, Taft Travel Grants may supplement funds from non-Taft sources in cases where the necessary and reasonable costs exceed the established Taft limits.
  • If there are any changes in plans from the originally approved application, the Taft grant recipient must notify the Chair of the Taft Executive Board in writing and receive written approval for the changes. Failure to comply with this rule will nullify the grant and require return of the award.
  • A final report should be submitted to the Chair of the Taft Executive Committee within 30 days of the end of the period for which the grant was awarded. Copies should be retained for submission with future applications for Taft grants.
  • Note: awardees are not eligible to receive Travel for Research Grants for research during the period of award.