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Application Deadlines:

Cover Sheet

  1. Rent free residence at Taft House at Stratford Heights (see below for description); and,
  2. Full tuition UGS, plus a $17,500 research fellowship


As a “Term of the Fellowship,” the Center Graduate Fellow must live at Taft House at Stratford Heights in a community of five other graduate students and six visiting faculty scholars. The Center Graduate Fellow is required to support the activities of the Taft Research Center, in particular, interacting with visiting lecturers, resident scholars/students and encouraging the development of an intellectual residential community. The Fellow will serve as the main liaison for the Taft Secretary and Faculty Chair with Taft House residents and the management company at Stratford Heights. The Fellowship assumes an average of fifteen hours per week in support of Center activities and the operation of the residential component of the Center.


Electronic application must be submitted to the Department Graduate Director, who will add a recommendation letter, provide electronic authorization, and upload through the Taft Research Center website. This should include:

  1. 500 word cover letter describing research focus, stage of graduate work, and interpersonal and organizational skills. The letter should indicate why pursuing graduate work as a resident Fellow at Taft House would enhance one’s graduate education and career goals;
  2. Current curriculum vitae;
  3. 1 letter of recommendation from Graduate Director;

* Note: A short list of candidates will be invited to interview for the award.

For detailed instructions on submitting your application, please click Application Instructions.

For instructions on how to create a PDF, please click: How to Create a PDF. Note: the system only allows you to upload a single PDF document.

terms of grant:

  1. Twelve month residence at Taft House at Stratford Heights, from Sept 1 st-August 31st;
  2. The Center Graduate Fellow must return the offer of full tuition UGS and department assistantship if offered prior to selection.
  3. The Center Fellow must coordinate his or her schedule with the Taft Secretary on a quarterly basis and will report directly to the Taft Faculty Chair. The Center Fellow will have the primary Taft Center staff responsibilities of managing Taft House operations and serve as liaison between the Taft Research Center, Taft House visiting cholars/graduate residents, and Stratford Heights management.
  4. This award may be renewed for one additional year based on performance.

taft house residence:

The Taft Research Center is housed in a residential building (opened August 2005) located on Clifton Ave., directly across the street from the UC campus and University Hall. The rent-free residence at Taft House includes a furnished one bedroom room with shared bath (only one other resident); the room comes with a small refrigerator; free UC phone number and local phone service; free high-speed campus network internet connection (the building is also wireless connected to UC’s network); free gas and electric. Taft House has two floors of residence with six people per floor. The building itself was designed to accommodate 24 people, but only rooms 12. There is a small kitchenette on each floor and a full industrial-size kitchen in the basement with dining area. There is a large common living room with large screen TV with full cable and a comfortable library reading room. Free cable TV-hook-up is also wired in each bedroom. The building has a deck with grill. Laundry facilities are in the basement. Paid parking is available through Stratford Heights. Students also have access to a Community center with dining options, convenience store, a fitness center and volleyball/basketball courts. There is also a 24-hour emergency number. The exterior doors to the building are locked and residents will have a key. The first floor of the building contains a Board room and offices of the Taft Chair and Secretary and the basement hosts the Taft Lecture Series. Applicants may request a tour through the Taft office at 556-0675.