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Application Deadlines:

Cover Sheet

Current FY deadlines can be found here. Information on Taft-eligibility can be found here


undergraduate enrichment award

The Taft Undergraduate Enrichment Awards enable students majoring in Taft departments to undertake projects that will enhance their learning experience in their major field. Individual or group applications are accepted. Eligible projects include but are not limited to research expenses, travel to a library, archives, museum, or conference, a language immersion program, or an organized field trip. Regardless of the activity, there must be a research component within the proposed project. There is no limit on the number of students who may apply for the enrichment awards, and all awards are made on a competitive basis with none allocated to particular departments. Applications will be evaluated both on the potential value of the enrichment experience and the record of the student(s) applying. The current maximum award for an individual or a project is $2,000.


Undergraduate Enrichment Award Applicants traveling outside the United States, for projects associated with an academic credit bearing experience (i.e., getting a grade), are required to apply for funds from UC International. Those who receive support outside Taft must report such funding to the Taft Faculty Chair upon receipt of award notification.




To be eligible, students must be majoring in one of the Taft departments and must have completed at least 10 upper division credit hours in their major by the end of the current academic year. Seniors are eligible if the project funded will be completed by the first day of classes of the last semester prior to graduation.


application process

Applications must be completed by 5 PM on regularly scheduled deadlines; this includes electronic submission through the Taft Research Center website and departmental review.

In addition to populating the electronic fields, a single pdf document must be uploaded to the system and should contain the following:

  • Download and completed cover sheet
  • Applications should include a description of how the proposed project will advance the student's understanding of his or her major field. This should distinguish the enrichment goal beyond any course credit that might be earned through the project and detail specific anticipated impacts on one's intellectual development. The project description should also include a clear research component, such as collecting information to produce a particular research paper or other scholarly outcome not required by a course. Proposed projects may not merely be a study abroad experience (300-350 words).
  • Detailed Budget and justification. 
  • Full Transcript or Grade Report.
  • Two letters of Recommendation from professors in Taft disciplines who can speak directly to how the project will enrich the student's understanding of his or her major. Letters should be sent to the undergraduate program director in the applicant's department, who will then upload the letters at the time of departmental review.
  • A statement of other available sources of funding from UC for the particular type of project. Those who receive support outside Taft must report such funding to the Taft Faculty Chair upon receipt of award notification.


** UC instituted changes to the student travel policies on 10/1/2012, which can be found by clicking on the following link: student travel policies. Students are responsible for travel policy compliance. Taft assumes no responsibility for a student's lack of compliance with travel policies, which may result in a refusal by accounts payable to reimburse travel expenses.


For detailed instructions on submitting your application, please click Application Instructions.


For instructions on how to create a PDF, please click: How to Create a PDF. Note: the system only allows you to upload a single PDF document.


Reimbursement Procedures

You are required to obtain travel authorization prior to travel. The Student Travel Authorization Form (STAF) can be found by clicking (STAF) here, above, or below. The travel policies instituted on 10/1/2012 require travel oversight for students, including pretravel counseling and the maintenance of emergency contact information. Taft is not responsible this counseling or maintenance, or for lack of student compliance with travel policies, which may result in a refusal by UC Accounts Payable to reimburse travel expenses. If you have questions on this matter, you should consult your program director for advice on compliance with these policies. For additional direction, you should visit the policies at student travel policies.


Please be sure to obtain receipts in order to receive payment.  If you are using an e-ticket for air travel, please request a receipt from the airline which clearly indicates the travel points and dates, and the fare. When in doubt, request a paper ticket.

Upon Return: Approval for overnight and International travel must be submitted and approved prior to travel. Awards are processed through Catalyst by the business administrators in the home department of the awardee. Students will need to work with the business administrators in processing receipts for reimbursement. Per university policies, Grant recipients must submit receipts and travel reimbursement within a reasonable period of time following the the conclusion of the trip. Please note that:

  • ALL receipts for any expenses pre-paid by the university must be included.
  • The total expenses claimed cannot be more than authorized, nor can line items be claimed that were not authorized.
  • Any transfer between line items on approved budgets must be approved by the Chair of the Taft Faculty Executive Board.