Entrepreneurial Faculty Achievement Awards: Nomination Form

Nomination Form
Entrepreneurial Faculty Achievement Awards

Sponsored by offices of:
Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization and the Office of Research


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Established Entrepreneur Award

For faculty with a record of five or more years of successful entrepreneurial ventures, based upon University research and/or intellectual property. (Both current and previous UC faculty are eligible, as long as entrepreneurial success is connected to University of Cincinnati research and/or intellectual property.)

Emerging Entrepreneur Award

For faculty who have successfully launched a new venture during the past 5 years, based on University research/intellectual property.

Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Information

Please provide information as requested below. Information should include non-confidential information of how UC licensing led to enhanced product development or service. Verification of information will be requested only if nominee is selected as a finalist.

Description of Innovations/Technologies Developed

Description of unmet need, potential impact of technology and current commercialization status

List of Disclosures, Licensing Agreements and Patents

External validation of marketplace achievement

Include: significant progress in clinical or field trials, contracts/industry relationships, value of licensing agreements, regulatory approval, federal contracts, demonstrated progress against business milestones, and/or profitability, such as venture capital investments, direct sales, contracts, company acquisition

Notification of Awards:

The Provost and the president will be notified of the recommended awardee by Jan. 23, 2015. Awardees will be notified soon after.

Presentation of Awards:

Awards will be presented in April, 2015 at the Faculty Awards Celebration. Award recipients will also be honored at the Annual Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Research Banquet in the spring.

Electronic Application Submission:
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Nominations will be submitted electronically to:
Dorothy H. Air, PhD
Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization