Entrepreneurial Faculty Achievement Awards: Nomination Form

Nomination Form
Entrepreneurial Faculty Achievement Awards

Sponsored by offices of:
Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization and the Office of Research


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Established Entrepreneur Award

For faculty with a record of five or more years of successful entrepreneurial ventures, based upon University research and/or intellectual property. (Both current and previous UC faculty are eligible, as long as entrepreneurial success is connected to University of Cincinnati research and/or intellectual property.)

Emerging Entrepreneur Award

For faculty who have successfully launched a new venture during the past 5 years, based on University research/intellectual property.

Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Information

Please provide information as requested below. Information should include non-confidential information of how UC licensing led to enhanced product development or service. Verification of information will be requested only if nominee is selected as a finalist.

Description of Innovations/Technologies Developed

Description of unmet need, potential impact of technology and current commercialization status

List of Disclosures, Licensing Agreements and Patents

External validation of marketplace achievement

Include: significant progress in clinical or field trials, contracts/industry relationships, value of licensing agreements, regulatory approval, federal contracts, demonstrated progress against business milestones, and/or profitability, such as venture capital investments, direct sales, contracts, company acquisition

Notification of Awards:

The Provost and the president will be notified of the recommended awardee by Jan. 19, 2018. Awardees will be notified soon after.

Presentation of Awards:

Awards will be presented in Spring, 2018 at the Faculty Awards Celebration.

Electronic Application Submission:
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Nominations will be submitted electronically to:
Jason Heikenfeld, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization